Key Lessons Learned: Think and Grow Rich

I’ve recently listened to the audio book called, “Think and Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill, and now I’m planning on reading the Physical Book to really commit to being a student in the area of obtaining riches. After listening to this book the 2nd time it became more clear to me that having a Desire and a definite plan of action is important to gaining riches. So, here are the 5 Key Lessons I’ve learned from The Book Think and Grow Rich.

1. Have a Strong Will & Desire

The Chapter on desire is the Most Important Chapter in the book, because the author instructs you to write down a definite goal on how much money you so desire, and what kind of services you plan on giving in return for the money. After listening to this chapter, I’ve wrote down my definite plans of action and for the past month. I read my auto suggestion every morning when I rise and before I retire for Bed. I have to say that the more time goes by, I’m starting to picture in my head the specific accumulation of money that I desire in my head. Which I gotta say is pretty cool!

2. Persistence

When you have persistence backed with Definitive action, nothing can stop you from obtaining riches because it gives you a sense of purpose of taking action. And then eventually you’ll be able to obtain riches and all the same enjoy every step of the way towards that goal.

3. Be Decisive

A man who’s Indecisive can’t be a great leader because he has to gain approval from people around him in order justify his decisions in life. I love how Napoleon tells you that “It’s your own mind”, Decide for yourself what you want in life and go get it!

4. Sex Transmutation

Sexual energy is one of the driving force of physical stimulation, it sometimes can even be hard to control. However, it can be transferred into the higher levels of consciousness through your creativity. As you practice this everyday, the book describes that it’ll be well worth the practice because you will start to feel a certain type of aura of creativity just flooding through your mind. And then, Boom, You have the money that you desire while doing what you love.

5. The Sixth Sense

The Author of the book describes as you follow these steps towards riches, you will start to develop a sixth sense where you will start to close your eyes and have a meeting with the people that you admire and people who came before you. As you do this it becomes almost sort of spiritual connection that you have with yourself and the people who’s already achieved success.

Think and Grow rich has to be one of my favorite books I’ve read(almost close to Mastery), and I’m making my way to applying all of the steps that Napoleon has described in his book. So that way I can have a peace of mind in my life.


Duolingo, the Best App to Learn Languages For Free!

For about 2 years, I’ve been learning this language learning app Called, “Duolingo”, and ever since then, I’ve been on this app a lot learning my favorite languages (Japanese of course). And lets see… the highest streak I’ve ran was almost a 45 day Streak. Now I know what you’re maybe thinking, “For this to be a good Language learning app that’s addicting, I know you can do better than that”. Yes, I know that there were times when life got crazy on me and I forgot to do my due diligence to put in my 15 minutes that day(SCRUB LOL). However, that’s one of the challenging and most exciting parts about Duolingo, its that you never know when you’re going to forget, and then BAM, You’ve suddenly lost your streak that you’ve worked so hard for!

As time goes on, Duolingo is getting better and better by challenging you to learn a new language, but all the same entertain your brain by adding cool pictures and choosing which pictures fit the word that the language describes. Furthermore, they have added “did you know facts”, like right before you even start the lesson module, which I say is cool and in turn gets people amerced into learning that particular language. And, also I believe that they have a podcast out there for different languages that you are learning(On Spotify, iTunes, Pocket Casts). For instance, I know the most common one is Spanish. Which is why I like how Duolingo is trying to take learning a language to another level, which gets me to wondering, what other kinds of stuff the team has in plan for the future?

Overall, Duolingo is definitely one of my favorite apps that I have on my phone, it’s almost even tied up with Audible(Which I like to use a lot as well). So, if you so happen to come across this blog and never tried Duolingo, you should, because you’re future self will thank you. Trust me. Every little bit counts, even just for 15 minutes a day and making strides into your language learning goals. And plus, it’s pretty fun, so what do you have to lose?

P.S. My Duolingo Name is Chandler Tuggles

Copywriting Tips

As of today, I’ve been reading lots of sales ads, writing them with my own handwriting, and I’ve been amercing myself in the world of Copy. After a month of research, Iv’e realized that learning how to write copy is important in order to get your business to blossom, whether it’s sales marketing or connecting B2B => B2C on a landing page. I’ll start off by saying that when I first started writing copy that I didn’t know what to write, and sometimes I still go through creative blocks. However, when that happens, I’ll just go on different landing pages and get inspiration from them(Like Athletic Greens or Tiege Hanely). So then I could test my Brain and ask myself, “How can I make this copy better?”. And soon asfter I’ll just start recording myself Diagnosing on what I’m looking at on the website. After that, I’ll be able to think of plans on what to write and eventually the process gets easier.

After reading this book called, “The Boron’s Letters” by Gary Halbert, copywriting became more clear to me. The author gives you what he knows on what makes a good sales copy that’ll generate lots of sales, just by using the simple formulas that he uses. My favorite Copy that I’ve learned a lot that Gary Halbert has written is called, “The Famous Dollar Bill Letter”, because it gives you good example on how to capture your Prospects attention through using Direct Mail(DM). And the best part about it is once you read this letter and many other Sales Ads Old n’ New, you’ll start seeing a connection between all of them.

All in all Copywriting is pretty fun because it helps you formulate sentences and to question yourself on if I was a customer or business owner reading this piece of copy would I buy this product or service, will it give me value, and most importantly is it worth my time? Copy is to business like a human needing water and food to stay alive. So, copy is a very important field of study for your business and somebody else’s business that you may be writing for.

Best Purchases Under $50

I have purchased a lot of things in the past months that I regret (get into that later) and love, and today in this post I’m here to share with you all the best purchases I bought under $50. So, here we go!

  1. The Expansion Hub – I got this Nifty little device back in November of 2018, and haven’t regretted it since because of the way It’s used. For instance, since I’m a guy that does multiple things like make videos, talk on the beautiful Blue Microphone, and plug n play chargers constantly, this device has been a big help in terms of filling those needs. If your’re looking for convenience and a way to plug up multiple things at once, such as a camera or a switch(as you see in the background) then I would highly recommend this baby! I got this from MonoPrice from under 40 bucks!

2. The Blue Microphone – The Blue microphone’s sound quality has been killing it, to the point where I want to upgrade to a Blu Yeti Mic(one day one day). I’ve bought this for around 40 bucks on amazon and been using it ever since. Furthermore, as you can see in the picture that I’ve recently have upgraded and got me a mic stand with a boom stand, and pop filter. So, when it comes down to making content for my videos or some day a podcast, then I’ll be able to have that professional setting I’ve always wanted. So if you’re doing content whether it’s audio or video and you don’t have a Blue Snowball then GET ONE! I would highly recommend it. Here’s the link On Amazon since this is the cheapest I’ve found them:

3. Amazon Echo – Whenever I’m stretching, meditating, or even doing calisthenics. I usually play some good old music whether it’s Hip Hop, R&B, City Pop you name it. The Echo dot is smart home, portable, and convenient. I mean, whats not to like about this device, but the only thing I would say that’s a con with the Echo dot is that the sound quality isn’t that great, but the price exceeds it exponentially with a whopping of only $24.99. Honestly this is one of the best purchases I’ve could’ve made, and would recommend it greatly. Here’s the link:

4. Senso Bluetooth Headphones – The Senso headphones is an amazing item to have when I’m working out at the gym, running, or even walking to get some fresh air. I especially love these when it comes to listening to my Audio books like the new book called, “You can’t hurt me” by David Goggins A.k.a “One of the Hardest People you’ll probably read about”. Overall, these headphones have been with me for a long time and I’ve been using them everyday.They cost about $27 on Amazon, so if you want them then here’s the link:

Why choose Acting?

I choose acting as a way of trying something new and outside of the box. For the past year and a half, I’ve been making YouTube videos for a while now just sitting down and talking like everyone else, but I don’t want to be anyone else on YouTube. So, Instead of sitting down on a chair talking about productivity and the books I read, I’m going to put a different spin on my channel by doing SKITS! I might not have expertise or skill like everyone else has on YouTube, but I do have one thing and that is the creativity to entertain.

As of last night(1/4/2019), I’ve finished my first skit, and I’m excited to see where this journey will take me. Every time when I upload I end up not feeling like I did my best or this video is kind of boring, because all I’m doing is just regurgitating on what other YouTubers have said in the past. This brings me back to one of the recent podcast I listened to called “The Smart Passive Income” hosted by Pat Flynn, when he was interviewing MKBHD(Tech Youtuber). Marquees said something profound about making content on YouTube and this is what he said, “You have to love the content you’re making because at the end it’s going to feel like a waste of time”, and that was an eye opener for me and my channel. Yes, I like it when I make content, but I don’t go back and re-watch my videos, because I find them boring. As of late, I’ve been learning the lesson of “scratching your own itch” – Tim Ferris when it comes to making content for myself and others.

Long story short, I’ve been rearranging things on my YouTube Channel that can be better for me as a creator. I believe that as long as I’m consistent with my channel and have fun with the process then I’ll be gravy. I can’t wait to put my skit into action for me and the people playing their parts to enjoy. Now, it’s time for me to do some more planning!

5 Goals | 2019

Last Year for me was okay. It helped me see a lot of who I was as a person facing myself day in and out. However, at the same time I’ve accomplished a lot especially towards the end from starting my own YouTube Channel to earning my first sale on Ebay, although I still have some ways to go. Even though I don’t celebrate the new years, everyday is still an opportunity for me to be better than I was yesterday. So, I will be listing my 2019 Goals for this year.

  1. My goal for this year is to love myself Unconditionally. Today, I was reading “The Laws Of Human Nature” By Robert Greene, and he was mentioning how its important to be a healthy narcissist. When you have self love it becomes your power and you won’t need to validate yourself towards others. Besides becoming an Entrepreneur and Actor, my lifes goal is to achieve this state of being.
  2. Number 1 and 2 ties in together nicely and that is having self Confidence. When I reach this state of being I will no longer be afraid of what people think of me or has to say because of my authenticity. So, as I keep working towards this goal, I will be able to get anything I want out of life.
  3. My Next goal is to grow my YouTube channel authentically and Consistently. For the past year, I haven’t been very consistent with my channel because I’ve been going through creative blocks, but now I have a more of an ideal Niche that I would love to focus on in my channel (more on that soon).
  4. Before 2019 ends, I want to be a freelancer making money for myself and won’t have to worry about living on a pay check. The steps I’ve been taking is learning copywriting and Video Editing. So, slowly but surely I will be good at these things and then I will be able to work with clients.
  5. Last but not least, Number 5 on this list is to learn more about Martial Arts and to gain bulk while staying lean. For the past few months, I’ve been going to the gym, but the most challenging thing I’ve been facing is my eating habits. So recently, I’ve been doing more research on dieting, so eating and bulking shouldn’t be a problem for me in the near future.

In 2019, things are looking up because I recently got my Drivers License. So, cheers to an awesome and successful life for you and me!

Books I’m reading this Year | 2019

2019 is here, and in my recent video on “Top Non – Fiction books I’ve read |2018 Edition”, I’ve mentioned that my goal for 2019 is to read 8 – 10 Books this year! Well in this blog post, I’m going to be sharing with you guys my reading list for 2019. So Enjoy!

  1. My Number one is a Book I’m currently reading right now, and a book that I’ve been anticipating for a good while now, and that is “The Laws Of Human Nature”, by Robert Greene. So far, I’m on the 2nd Chapter of the book and Wow this book really makes you see yourself in the most honest way. For instance, your insecurities, fears of not getting attention, etc. I’m honestly intrigued to see where this book will take me in terms facing my own demons and insecurities.
  2. Number two on this list is a book I’ve heard so much about from case studies to Reviews, and this book is non – other than “The 4 Hour Workweek” By Tim Ferris. So, when I read the book I’m hoping to gain some insight into how to work for yourself.
  3. The 3rd book on my list is a book that I want to expand my knowledge on, and that is “The YouTube Secrets” by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis. On YouTube, it’s challenging to gain a following especially if you’ve been on YouTube for awhile trying to find interesting ways to captivate me and the audience. So, what better way to get a leg up on YouTube then to gain knowledge from the people who’ been through it. I can’t wait to seek my teeth in this book to see how I can become a YouTube Guru.
  4. I’m recently getting to the point where I have to focus on one task at a time to increase my Time Management skills. So, in order to have a skill under my belt I must find that one skill I want to master, and for me, that would be copy writing. So, I recently bought the book called “The Copywriting Bible” by Josh Fetcher, and I’m interested to see where this would go.

Now as the months goes on I’m going to investing in more books, to gain more knowledge. So, in due time before the year is over, I will have read 8 – 10 books. So once I reach my goals, I will be proud of myself for taking that leap forward into something greater.

What is Self – Mastery?

For me, Self Mastery is about knowing who you are inside and out. Whether that’ll be your Self Esteem, Self Confidence, and emotional intelligence, etc. We as a human race have trouble with these based on the way we grew up, and the way we are handled by society. For instance, in my life I was always called “Ugly or Stupid” when I was in grade school, and even though I’ve gotten better with time, the same feeling still nags at me whenever I talk to a person or if i’m around people in general. In these times of self doubt, I would have to accept the fact that I can’t please everyone based on how my facial features look, but one things for certain that I’m my own hero no matter what some one else says.

“As you think, so shall you become.” – Bruce Lee

It takes work accepting yourself as you are on this human plane, that you will have to face your shadow self and as David Goggins would say, “Look into the Accountability Mirror” and he never lied on that one. My Ultimate goal in life is to achieve self mastery and to do what I love, which is Acting and Entrepreneurship, but in order to get to those steps, I would have to build that Foundation of Self Realization and embody the “I AM THE SHIT”, Mentality. I realize my insecurities and I will tell you that I’m TIRED of being controlled on what others say, because at the end of the day I just want to be free from opinions and Perfectionism.

In terms of self mastery there is a lot that goes with it such as having a change of mindset, but the 1st step in self mastery is realizing and accepting the short comings that one might be facing. There are some exercises that I do on a regular basis like writing in a Journal(like now), meditation, as well as some working out(Calisthenics,Weight Lifting, and Martial Arts) because as you change your body and mindset you will start to feel confident about who you are.These are just some of the tips that I do whenever I’m with me and only Me. So, face that fear that you have inside of yourself and accept that it’s there and get better at turning those fears into bravery!


My love for making videos

Making videos is like telling a documented story that you want to communicate to the world, and one of the platforms to make videos on is YouTube. YouTube is the best social media Platform out there (in my opinion, even though I feel like Instagram comes 2nd) because of the simple fact that you can grow a community of people who either feel the same way you do or they share the same interest as you. It can be a beautiful thing indeed. Furthermore, being a creator has many angels you can approach like for instance, “Film a short movie, Vlog, or animation. The world of video creating is at the tip of your fingers, and now since I’ve been making videos for so long that I’m in love with the process.

One of my favorite things to do on YouTube is to tell a story and Editing that storytelling to the utmost entertaining format. Being able to sit down for a couple of hours and edit your own videos can be a funny process especially if you are an entertainer like myself. By doing this, I’ve almost mastered the process of editing my videos on Filmora(an editing video software) that it almost becomes like second nature. Now when it comes down to Adobe software like Photoshop(PS) and Premiere Pro I still need to work on it in terms of Picture and videos, but that’s all of the more reason I love being a creator of my own channel.

I have a long road to go in terms of finding what I want to do with my channel, but I think that’s the glory of being a creator. Now that I’ve mentioned it I’m thinking about making skits on my channel, but we’ll see. So, a question to my readers what do you like creating and why? And if you’re not creating anything, try it because its fun to do.


Focus on one thing

About a month ago, I was a guy who was trying to get everything done in one day and was left feeling like I acommplished nothing. After that, I was wondering why was I feeling unhappy even though I was busy being a creator and going to school learning the ropes to be an IT profeesional. The reason for these are a lack of impatience, ungrafulness, and Time managing skills. I’ve notice that whenever I would get busy doing things I would try to hurry up on the process and move on to the next one because I was afraid of failure. I was overthinking on the things I wasn’t doing rather than thinking what I was doing, and ultimately that became a problem.

So, instead of feeling down about myself on why that was the case, I’m now focused on what I shouldv’e been focusing on which is IT (Informational Technology) and getting that degree. It’s crazy how life teaches even in the most subtle ways. I know now that I should put my trust in mastery, and be present in the learning process instead of rushing to the future. So what’s that one thing that you’re focusing on?

In these times as a college student it is also good to have fun and do the things that you enjoy, whether that’ll be making videos, Reading your favorite book, or playing a videogame. It is important to do these things so you won’t burn out too quickly. However, if you follow your plan until the end then you are on your way to greatness.  Now let us sit back and enjoy the moment as we plan our next step towards success.